Comfort Series

The apparel industry has spoken, "the rough & uncomfortable woven tags are history". The industry has turned to the tagless format of identifying their apparel. The question to ask is "what have you gained if the tagless label is just as irritating as the woven label you replaced"? The Unimark signet is its soft hand complimented with enduring performance. If you're going to change that irritating tag give your customer something better. Unimark carries a variety of products to complement the products you bring to the market.

Soft Comfort

Soft Comfort is designed for high stretch fabrics that may contain cotton, nylon, polyester and spandex. Soft Comfort has unique properties that do not restrict fabrics when stretched. Soft Comfort is not solid so it does not crack when stretched. Soft Comfort has limited opacity and is not recommended for dark colored materials.

Comfort Care

A versatile transfer designed for low stretch fabrics like 100% cotton tees & poly/cotton blends. Comfort Care has excellent wash capabilities and exceeds customers wash standards.

Comfort Care

Comfort Touch®

Has the same performance as above only with enhanced release properties.

Comfort Touch

Comfort Plus®

Cotton Lycra & poly blends that have just a little bit of extra stretch is where Comfort Plus® gives you that added performance to hold up. As with all Unimark transfers the soft hand feels like it isn't there.

Comfort Stretch®

Our premium stretch transfer for light weight intimate apparel. With its light weight and soft hand it becomes one with the fabric. We find some customers use this on their performance products.

Comfort Deluxe®

Comfort Deluxe® has moderate stretch and is designed to block dye migration for polyester fabrics that have dye migration issues. Comfort Deluxe® is popular for numbers, logos and interior information on sports apparel.


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